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新里 尚平

Shohei NiizatoCEO/Communication Planner
Shohei is from Osaka prefecture, and is communication planner and CEO of mikeneco. He graduated from the Department of art planning, Osaka University of Arts, then he joined a sales promotion agency as a SP planner. He also experienced creative director and planner at another advertising agency specializing in B2B advertising promotions, and he established mikeneco in 2015.
His clients vary in fields from beverage to heavy industry. Niizato oversees B2B advertising activities, such as marketing research, marketing planning, creative direction, and operation management. In addition to mikeneco work, he is also a part-time lecturer at Taisho University from April in 2018, as the first step to his dream, becoming a university professor.

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仲宗根 健太 

Kenta Nakasone Executive VP/Account Planner
Kenta is from Okayama prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Department of English studies, Chuo University. His career started at a full-service advertising agency mainly for B2B advertising promotions and he was charge of IT communication clients including foreign companies. Kenta is a results-based account planner and has great advertising promotion skills in both ways of analog and digital, such as transit advertising, tie-up advertising with a specialized magazine, and media planning for lead generation. Moreover, he successfully plans corporate events too. He is good at working with international clients with his English improved by living in New Zealand and traveling overseas.

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