mikeneco Corp.

Our agency name, mikeneco means calico cats in English.
It was said that your sailing would be successful
if you voyaged along with male calico cats, because of their rarity. mikeneco is a creative agency for supporting
your marketing and branding activities.
Why don’t you carry mikeneco members
on your ship sailing the ocean of marketing and branding?
We would like to help you to achieve your goals.

Our vision


mikeneco is a creative agency for supporting your marketing and branding activities.

Every company faces different business challenges such as, “How can we improve our business more effectively?”, “How can we create high quality media contents with a limited budget?” and so on.
First of all, we listen carefully to you at a meeting, in order to find suitable solutions for your business challenges.
Face-to-face meetings are our necessary communication for better understanding of your real intentions toward the business challenges, since there is a limit to what we can get from e-mails and telephone without seeing each other. We would like you to share all your concerns with us.

After grasping your requirements, we propose the best solutions with our unique ideas that make your business more exciting.

mikeneco is for YOUR success.


Booth planning/contents production/operation management

・re-design corporate and recruiting websites
・E-commerce site and consulting

Planning and operational management of closed events for customers

Content production
Planning and creating contents and movies for factory tour.
Please contact us for further information


Company name mikeneco Corporation
Address Hongo Kataoka bldg 6F, 26-9 Hongo 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
TEL/FAX +81-3-6265-3010 / +81-3-6265-3025
Corporate site 吾輩はミケネコである/I am a mikeneco (http://www.waganeco.jp/
Date of establishment March 11, 2015
Capital JPY 2,500,000
CEO Shohei Niizato
Business promotion planning and produce, creative direction, marketing consulting, video and contents production
Major Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd. Nihonbashi-Chuo Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. IIDABASHI Branch
Tokyo City Shinkin Bank Kagurazaka Branch




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